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At dawn waiting for the other fellow

Hoping that our means of transportation will

We were anxious for tackling the trip

This image shows when we arrived for breakfast

We were Serving Breakfast per table

In this image show photos of the restaurant as it was when we arrived, and when did the line to place your order breakfast

When we were eating breakfast

Course to the planetarium

In this picture we are standing in line outside the planetarium

Memories of arrival at the Planetarium

In this photo we are inside of the dome

Within the planetary entering the toilets and taking us photos

A Outside the planetarium and saw a building ahead

Planetarium around bogota

Back to the meeting point in the planetarium of Bogota

Memories of places around the planetary johannesburg

Knowing the park of the independence

Lining up to at last enter the planetarium

We are in the Outskirts Of The entrance to the planisphere to climb monserrate

Waiting for our turn to come up to the cable car

Some of our colleagues up to the cable car

Taking us pictures before boarding the cable car

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Looking at the city from the cable car moving

Beautiful scenery from the cable car

Arrive monserrate

Some sites monserrate

Beautiful scenery from the top of Monserrate

Pictures of the surroundings of Monserrate

On the sides of the church bringing us memories of her

Memories of the church in monserrate

Waiting the hour of the lunch

Doing line for the lunch

Having lunch up in monserrate

Waiting to the bus to go away for magic saltpeter

we saltpeter magic from 3:27 pm (more or less at that time)

Enjoying to the maximum the attractions

You list to feel adrenaline

The first places we saw in salt

In these pictures we see other magical saltpeter sites

This photo shows a presentation that made ??the characters of the castle of terror

Different amusements found here, such as clowns, the castle of terror, the wheel, and many more

Magic saltpeter goodbye

Now ready to travel back to the Espinal

Got to the cord at 10:43 pm it was almost 11:00 pm

Tired and waiting for our parents

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